Numbers Chapters 20 – 21 Bible Study for Atheists

Numbers Chapters 20 – 21 Bible Study for Atheists

Husband and Wife cover Numbers chapter 20: Water from the Rock / Edom Refuses Passage to Israel / Aaron Dies on Mount Hor; and chapter 21: The Canaanites Attack Israel / The Fiery Serpents / The Israelites Journey around Moab/ Israel Conquers Sihon / Israel Conquers Og of Bashon. We discuss snakes on sticks and OshKosh B’gosh kids clothing. Miriam dies with zero fanfare because #FuckThePatriarchy. Wife chants a little ditty written by ancient poets. Husband heckles.

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WTF?? Aaron AND Miriam die in the same damn chapter? god really doesn’t treat his people very well… Listen to the Sacrilegious Discourse episode here:

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