Iconoclasm by Dylan McGehee

Click on the image of Iconoclasm below to get your FREE copy! It’s just for this weekend, so hurry up and take advantage of this while you can. There’s an excerpt at the bottom of the page if you’d like a taste of what’s inside!

Free! This Weekend ONLY!

Dylan is a great person to follow on Twitter, so check out his book by clicking on the book image and click on the image below that to follow him on Twitter as well! I haven’t read his book, but he did share a page on Twitter that I’ll share below, so check that out and we can all read it together while he’s offering it for free! (and then come back and buy the real one later, because… real books are better of course).

I just picked up my FREE copy of Iconoclasm by Dylan McGehee! You can get your copy by following this link. #atheist #atheism

Excerpt from Iconoclasm

Author: Sacrilegious Discourse

Husband and Wife are two non-believers who have always wanted to read the Bible. Why would we subject ourselves to this you might ask? From our perspective it helps us understand where the Christians around us, here in the Midwest, are coming from when they quote the Bible at us. Husband is basically an Atheist and wife leans Agnostic but mostly Atheist and we're just having some fun at the Bible's expense while learning more about what our neighbors claim we're going to hell over.

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