Numbers Chapters 30 – 31 Bible Study for Atheists

Why the hell did Moses go attack the Midianites when they were talking all about the Moabites in the last chapter?

Bible Study for Atheists

Husband and Wife cover Numbers chapter 30: The Law Concerning Vows; and chapter 31: Israel Takes Vengeance on Midian / The Division of the Booty. We (re)learn that women’s silly little brains aren’t capable of thought. This idea is reinforced when thousands of young girls are counted as prizes of plunder alongside animals and jewels. This book is gross. This god is gross. Men are gross.

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The fucking Israelites killed Balaam! WTF man? Dude just blessed them… Now they’re killing him? This book is bullshit.

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Author: Sacrilegious Discourse

Husband and Wife are two non-believers who have always wanted to read the Bible. Why would we subject ourselves to this you might ask? From our perspective it helps us understand where the Christians around us, here in the Midwest, are coming from when they quote the Bible at us. Husband is basically an Atheist and wife leans Agnostic but mostly Atheist and we're just having some fun at the Bible's expense while learning more about what our neighbors claim we're going to hell over.

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