Ezekiel Chapter 23: Bible Study by Atheists

Ezekiel Chapter 23: Bible Study by Atheists

Strap in for a blasphemously good time with our latest episode, "Ezekiel Chapter 23: Divine Smut and Holy Hypocrisy." Prepare for a heretical deep dive into the Bible's most X-rated chapter, where we expose the absurdities of God's wrath and the ancient Israelites' sexy shenanigans. Join us as we unpack the holy horrors of horse semen symbolism and question the Almighty's obsession with idolatrous intercourse. Whether you're a sinner, saint, or just someone who appreciates a bit of sacrilegious humor, this episode is a divine comedy goldmine. Get ready to laugh, cringe, and maybe even learn a thing or two about the double standards of sacred scriptures. Warning: May induce heavenly hilarity and hellish hangovers of thought.

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