F*CK Angels (Patreon Teaser)

F*CK Angels (Patreon Teaser)

Hold onto your halos, skeptics and scripture-skimmers! The latest episode of Sacrilegious Discourse is here, and we're taking a blasphemous bash at those so-called heavenly henchmen - angels. Yes, you read that right, it's time for "F*ck Angels," where we serve up a heaping portion of irreverence, topped with a side of cheeky insights.

In this divine roast session, we're not just winging it; we dive deep into the celestial bureaucracy of angelic beings with the gusto of a sinner at confession. We kick things off with a candid reminder of our Patreon-exclusive content, where we lure you with angels only to pull the rug out from under your feet with a curveball topic like Lamassu. Spoiler alert: they're not as fluffy as cherubs, and definitely more interesting.

From the holy hitmen of the Abrahamic traditions to the rank-and-file messenger boys, we dissect the angelic hierarchy with the precision of a theologian who's had one too many sacrilegious sips. Are these divine drones superior to humans or just sparkly strap-ons of the Almighty? We'll let you decide, but not before we take you through a linguistic journey that explores why so many angelic names end in 'el' and make you question whether you're listening to a podcast or attending a clandestine angelology seminar.

Ever heard of the Ophanim? No? Well, they're like God's personal UFOs, according to medieval scholar Maimonides, and we're here to break down the Top 10 Angelic Orders like it's a Billboard chart for heavenly creatures. And if that's not enough to ruffle your feathers, wait until we tackle the transformation of cherubs from badass biblical bouncers to diaper-clad toddlers of Renaissance art.

Don't expect harps and halos here; we're all about the nitty-gritty, the esoteric, and the downright weird. Whether it's drawing parallels between Assyrian deities and Ezekiel's trippy visions or calling out the psychopomp trope in pop culture, we're serving it with a side of snark. So if you're ready to laugh in the face of divinity and question everything you thought you knew about angels, tune in, subscribe, and prepare to have your celestial assumptions turned upside down.

This isn't your grandma's Sunday school lesson, folks. It's Sacrilegious Discourse's "F*ck Angels," where we make it our heavenly mission to entertain and enlighten you, one irreverent jab at a time.

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