Ezekiel Chapter 10: Bible Study BY Atheists
Sacrilegious DiscourseMay 18, 202400:18:56

Ezekiel Chapter 10: Bible Study BY Atheists

Dive into a heavenly real estate shuffle with Ezekiel Chapter 10, where God packs up His glory and the cherubim sprout more eyes than a conspiracy theorist's corkboard. In this episode, we're not just spinning our wheels – we're examining the celestial ones attached to some bizarre angelic beings that make your last moving day look like a walk in the park. Forget the ox; this chapter's cherubim have had a face-lift, and we're here to call out the heavenly plastic surgery. So, tune in as we bring the divine down to earth with our signature blend of irreverence and insight. No holy stone goes unturned and no angelic detail escapes our sarcastic scrutiny. It's all the apocalyptic drama without the fire and brimstone hangover.

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