Ezekiel Chapter 11: Bible Study by Atheists
Sacrilegious DiscourseMay 20, 202400:18:43

Ezekiel Chapter 11: Bible Study by Atheists

Dive headfirst into the biblical rabbit hole with our irreverent take on Ezekiel Chapter 11. Witness the Almighty's unique problem-solving skills (hint: more killing) and get a front-row seat to Pelatiah's untimely demise – spoiler alert, it's not from natural causes. We're slicing through the divine drama and the not-so-exiled Babylonian "vacay" with the sharp blade of skepticism. And just when you think it can't get more bizarre, we debunk some wild myths about Canadian driving laws – because apparently, the left side is only right if you're in the UK. So buckle up (on whichever side you please), and join us for an episode that's as enlightening as it is blasphemous. Forget fearing God; fear missing out on this podcast!

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