Ezekiel Chapter 9: Bible Study BY Atheists
Sacrilegious DiscourseMay 16, 202400:21:34

Ezekiel Chapter 9: Bible Study BY Atheists

Strap in, sinners and saints, because the divine hit list just got real in Ezekiel Chapter 9. Our atheist podcast duo is back, slicing through the biblical fog with their razor-sharp wit, to dissect a God who seems to have an affinity for celestial tattoos and a severe case of wrath management issues. It's a celestial slaughterhouse out there, and only the marked ones can escape the deity's bloodthirsty penchants. But fear not, our irreverent hosts are here to guide you through the insanity with a snarky recap that'll leave you questioning the moral fiber of the big guy upstairs.

Join us as we unravel the not-so-mysterious case of divine "justice" where kids, sadly, don't get a free pass, and angels are apparently moonlighting as hitmen. We're peering into the peculiarities of ancient idolatry, angelic assassins with deadly weapons, and the oddly specific office supplies of the heavens. It's an episode where ancient prophecies are held up to modern scrutiny, and spoiler alert: they don't fare well.

So, if you're ready to have your faith in holy texts tested, or just want a good laugh at the expense of some biblical absurdities, tune in for this episode of "Ezekiel Chapter 9." Trust us; it's not the Sunday School lesson you slept through. It's better.

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