Isaiah Chapter 47: Bible Study for Atheists
Sacrilegious DiscourseDecember 29, 202300:19:09

Isaiah Chapter 47: Bible Study for Atheists

Buckle up, non-believers, as we dive headfirst into the contradictory pool of divine justice with a side of hocus pocus. This episode, we're wading through the swampy prophecies of Isaiah, specifically chapter 47, where the Big Guy upstairs gets his robes in a twist over Babylon. That's right, we're talking about the Almighty's frenemy: the city he used as his personal whack-a-mole, only to later throw a celestial tantrum over its behavior. Oh, the drama!

In our own human way, we'll touch on the trials of dyslexia, because apparently even our all-knowing podcast needs a dose of relatability amidst all the fire and brimstone. Then we'll pivot to the popcorn-worthy theatrics of the divine playbook and how it mirrors your favorite blockbuster plot twists, minus the special effects budget.

And because we can't resist a good sleight of hand, we'll also confess our secret desire to be wowed by magic tricks. In fact, we're so under the spell that we're plugging an audiobook, "Acts of Violet"—because who doesn't love a good mystery that doesn't involve parting seas or talking bushes?

We'll leave you hanging with the promise of more biblical backflips and celestial side-eyes in our next installment. And remember, our Patreon saints get exclusive access to our special Patreon ONLY sessions where we'll undoubtedly continue to question everything because faith is overrated and logic is our spirit animal. Join us as we snicker through scripture with the irreverence only a couple of godless heathens can deliver.

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