Isaiah Chapter 53: Bible Study for Atheists
Sacrilegious DiscourseJanuary 15, 202400:15:20

Isaiah Chapter 53: Bible Study for Atheists

In this comeback episode, your irreverent hosts dive into the theological mosh pit that is Isaiah 53, poking fun at the idea that this ancient suffering servant is actually sneak-preview Jesus. We're back from the plague (just a cold, but let's be dramatic), ready to spill the tea on how Christianity might've swiped an old Jewish profile to draft their Messiah's CV. So grab your Bible (or don't, we're not your moms) and join us for a cheeky session of "Prophet or Not?" as we dissect a chapter that seems to have Jesus' resume written all over it - if you squint hard enough. Spoiler alert: we're pretty sure the OG authors weren't taking fanfic submissions from the New Testament.

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