Isaiah Chapter 58: Bible Study for Atheists
Sacrilegious DiscourseJanuary 22, 202400:13:54

Isaiah Chapter 58: Bible Study for Atheists

Join us, your favorite irreverent duo, as we dive into Isaiah Chapter 58 with the scrutiny only two skeptics can provide. In this episode of "Bible Study for Atheists," we tear apart the laughable contradiction of holy fasting that looks more like a Sunday hangover cure than a divine sacrifice. We're talking about a God who seemingly despises slavery, yet offers a loophole manual for owning humans. If empty gestures were a religion, Isaiah's got the high priests! We tackle the hypocrisy of 'faithful' fasters – those who think skipping lunch equals moral superiority while they ignore the needy. Don't expect us to hold back. Tune in and find out why ancient texts might still have a thing or two to say about modern-day 'believers' who talk the holy talk but rarely walk the walk.

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