Isaiah Chapter 61: Bible Study for Atheists
Sacrilegious DiscourseJanuary 25, 202400:16:33

Isaiah Chapter 61: Bible Study for Atheists

Welcome back, fellow heretics, to another installment of divine roasting, where we put the 'critic' in biblical criticism. Today, we're picking apart the so-called 'magnificent' Isaiah 61, but we're pretty sure the only thing magnificent here is our ability to stomach such sanctimonious text. Get ready for a holy hot-take on God's wishy-washy love-hate relationship with humanity and his penchant for making everlasting covenants like they're going out of style.

We'll navigate the heavenly hogwash promising good news to the poor - unless, of course, it's an off day in paradise. Expect a hefty dose of sarcasm as we ponder the peculiar practice of anointing the downtrodden with divine oil while also justifying a bit of slavery on the side. Oh, and we're all about those 'oaks of righteousness,' if only because they sound like the latest hipster cocktail.

Join us as we question the integrity of a deity with more mood swings than a pantheon of Greek gods, and tackle the biblical narrative with the reverence of a late-night comedy sketch. Isaiah 61 may be preaching salvation and justice, but we're serving up skepticism with a side of snickers. Spoiler alert: God's still not real, and our disbelief is as everlasting as those darn covenants.

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