Jeremiah Chapters 1 - 5 Q&A
Sacrilegious DiscourseFebruary 10, 202400:13:49

Jeremiah Chapters 1 - 5 Q&A

Get ready to slice through the holier-than-thou narrative as we, your favorite godless guides, delve into the divine details of Jeremiah's peculiar package in the latest episode of our irreverent podcast. With scalpel-sharp wit, we're circumnavigating the sanctimonious stories of the Bible, chopping down the tall tales of prophets who popped out of the womb pre-trimmed. We're calling out the heavenly hogwash surrounding the myth of aposthia, poking fun at the prophetic penises of biblical legends. Join us for a prickly discussion about Jeremiah chapters 1 through 5, where we spare no holy cow or sacred skin in our quest to expose the naked truths and uncut fabrications of religious scripture. From the divine to the dickly, this episode is an apostate's dream – so tune in, unless you're too foreskinned-hearted.

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