Sacrilegious DiscourseMarch 31, 202400:06:44


Are you ready for a heathen’s take on the holiest hunger games? Tune in to our latest irreverent episode, "Lentsgiving," where we dive fork-first into the smorgasbord of Lent without actually giving up anything (because, let's be real, self-denial is overrated). We're dishing out a full serving of skepticism with a side of sarcasm as we explore the Christian tradition of Lent, a 40-day marathon of fasting, sacrifice, and, apparently, confusing Easter with a rabbit's birthday bash..ONLY AVAILABLE in full on our Patreon page (Join now on a FREE TRIAL to hear this entire episode!): patreon.com/sacrilegiousdiscourse.We’ll start you off with an appetizer of "Understanding Lent in Christianity," where we'll chew on the concept of the Big Bunny Bonanza (you might know it as Easter) and spit out the bones of religious rites with a sprinkle of Midwestern linguistic flair. Discover why "lint" isn't just what you find in your dryer and why we think giving up religion for Lent might just be the best thing since sliced (unleavened) bread.

Then, feast your ears on "Understanding Lent and Easter Traditions" as we digest the 40-day fast with a grain of salt, questioning the origin story that's as patchy as grandma's old quilt. We'll sip on the cup of "bright sadness" (sounds like an oxymoron, we know) and nibble on the notion of Lenten sacrifices that are less about spiritual enlightenment and more about one-upping your neighbor's chocolate abstinence.

Indulge in the "Easter Season and Mardi Gras" segment, where we compare divine celebrations to the ultimate cheat day before the diet starts. And just when you thought it was safe to go back into the pantry, we bring you "The Easter Holy Week Explanation," dishing out the history of Ash Wednesday and Passion Week with the enthusiasm of someone who just found out there's no Easter Bunny.

As we head into the "Religious Holidays and Lenten Sacrifices" section, we're not just breaking bread; we're breaking down the "get out of jail free card" that is Divine Mercy Sunday. We juxtapose this with a glance at the Jewish calendar, all while considering what sacrificial lambs (figurative, of course) we could offer up for a laugh.

Finally, in "Giving Up Habits for Lent," we brainstorm a list of personal vices to ditch that range from the serious (like nail-biting) to the ridiculous (sleeping without a pillow? Come on!). Join us as we critique and jest our way through these traditions, all in good fun and with the underlying message that maybe, just maybe, we can find some common ground through shared chuckles.

So, if you’re up for a bit of Lenten levity, hit play on "Lentsgiving" and join your favorite godless guides for a journey through this time-honored ritual. Whether you’re devout, doubtful, or somewhere in between, we promise more laughs than a confessional booth at a comedy club.

ONLY AVAILABLE in full on our Patreon page (Join now on a FREE TRIAL to hear this entire episode!): patreon.com/sacrilegiousdiscourse