Sennacherib's Siege (Patreon Teaser)
Sacrilegious DiscourseDecember 18, 202300:06:28

Sennacherib's Siege (Patreon Teaser)

Well, listeners, buckle up for a time travel trip back to 701 BCE as we embark on the mystical journey of the Siege of Sineshrov. We're talking big-boy political maneuvers, royal squabbles, and god-like destruction in the ancient Near East. Just imagine "Game of Thrones," but with Assyrians and more sand.

We kick off with the nitty-gritty details of the Assyrian Empire's attack on Jerusalem, discussing everything from royal death to rebellions and vassal states. Don't worry, we've got our tinfoil hats on for this wild ride. After all, we are talking about an era when Egypt was playing political chess games and war stories were more biased than a Fox News report.

Ever wondered about the authenticity of the biblical narrative? Well, you're in for a treat as we poke holes in the holy version of events and expose the grand embellishments. Honestly, we've seen more credible plots in soap operas. But hey, if you want to believe in a divine plague that decimated an entire Assyrian army overnight, be our guest.

Remember folks, the biblical account isn't the only record of these events. The Assyrian version presents a starkly different view. But we're sure you're not surprised. Everyone likes to claim victory, right? In the words of every sports team ever: "We wuz robbed!"

We'll also explore why the Assyrians suddenly packed up their siege and left Jerusalem. Was it divine intervention, a pesky plague, or just a good old-fashioned bribe?

Join us as we pull apart this complex period of history like it's a Thanksgiving turkey. You'll get a fresh perspective on how historical events are portrayed, embellished, and repurposed for religious narratives. If you love history served with a hefty side of skepticism, this is the episode for you!

Spoiler alert: This ain't your Sunday school's version of Isaiah.


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