The Myth of Separation: How Church Creeps into State
Sacrilegious DiscourseFebruary 19, 202400:05:48

The Myth of Separation: How Church Creeps into State

In an audacious display of constitutional contortionism, Louisiana House Speaker Mike Johnson practically performs legislative gymnastics, insisting that 'separation of church and state' is a grossly misunderstood principle. Newsflash, Mike: twisting the First Amendment into a balloon animal won't make your theocratic dreams come true. We unpack the real deal behind the establishment clause and why turning classrooms into Sunday schools is a no-go for anyone who can spell 'democracy.'

Don't miss our take on the holy hot potato of religious beliefs in politics, where we wade through the murky waters of scripture-infused legislation. It's a world where outdated gender roles and endorsements of slavery are suddenly back on the menu, and religious extremism is the unwanted seasoning on top. Personal freedoms and safety are on the line, and we're calling out this biblical blunderfest for what it is: a threat to modern governance and the inclusive society we're striving for.

But wait, there's more! The episode hits a fever pitch as we confront the bone-chilling specter of Christian nationalism and its mascot, Marjorie Taylor Greene. Watch us dissect this Frankenstein's monster of ideology that's stomping on democratic ideals both at home and abroad. We're talking about a worldview so skewed it could give a compass a nervous breakdown.

In 2019, Johnson expressed outrage at a House committee hearing idea fuels US conservative causes, but historians say it misreads founders' intent: & Country: A major new documentary examines the rise, power — and threat — of Christian Nationalism & Country (movie) website (find locations to see it here):

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