2 Kings Chapter 23 - Bible Study for Atheists

2 Kings Chapter 23 - Bible Study for Atheists

"But where did he get all those bones?!"

Husband and Wife cover 2 Kings chapter 23: The Book of the Law Discovered (cont.) / Josiah's Reforms / The Passover Kept / The LORD's Persistent Anger against Judah / The Death of Josiah / The Reign and Dethronement of Jehoahaz / The Reign of Jehoiakim.

Josiah runs all over town doing Hulk Smash on pagan altars and shrines, killing the idolatrous priests, and kicking out the temple prostitutes. But his sons are trash, and Egypt actually puts one in jail. God is like, I'm done with y'all. Pretty sure in the next chapter he's gonna sweep Judah like he did Israel.

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