Isaiah Chapter 24: Bible Study for Atheists

Isaiah Chapter 24: Bible Study for Atheists

Join us as we dive headfirst into the bizarre rollercoaster that is the Book of Isaiah. This episode will take you on a wild journey from devastating divine wrath to strangely joyful banter about biblical beats and hunting techniques. Brace yourself for the bewildering inconsistencies in God's promises, and the drastic leap from worldwide annihilation to a broken city gate. We're serving up a hefty side of biblical doom, gloom, and surprising dashes of hope - all peppered with our trademark sarcasm and a healthy dose of 1 AM recording madness. Prepare to laugh, groan, and question everything you thought you knew about biblical prophecy. Spoiler alert: the earth might not split asunder after all. And remember, no wine was harmed in the making of this podcast...we think. Tune in and let's decode the divine wrath in Isaiah's prophecies together, because honestly, we're as baffled as you are.

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