Isaiah Chapters 53 - 57 Q&A

Isaiah Chapters 53 - 57 Q&A

In this episode, we put on our archaeology hats and dig through the theological rubble of Isaiah 53 to 57. Get ready to watch the sacred cows of faith get tipped as we explore how the Bible casually rewrites its own rules like a divine game of Whac-A-Mole. Idolatry gets a thumbs-down, but surprise – we've all been decking the halls with boughs of pagan symbolism. Spiritual adultery? More like a celestial soap opera. And let's not forget the watchmen, those biblical bouncers who apparently missed the memo on impending divine wrath. So, grab your tinsel-covered pitchforks and join us as we unwrap the irony of Christmas trees and marvel at how ancient scriptures are as consistent as a politician's promises.

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