Job Chapter 28 - Bible Study for Atheists

Job Chapter 28 - Bible Study for Atheists

Husband and Wife cover Job chapter 28:

Man's Quest for Wisdom.

Once upon a time, a god named Prometheus lived in a rock garden teeming with all kinds of metal. He was wandering around his stones one day and found this cool thing called FIRE, but it belonged to some other *unnamed dude. Prometheus stole it and decided to stash it with some real dumb-dumbs, who paid for the stolen fire with store credit from reverse ATMs. Sadly, Prometheus fell into the sea and drowned, so the dumb-dumbs got to keep all that yummy fire. But they wanted more shiny stuff, so they Googled Prometheus and found his rock garden. They dug up all his metals, and this is why we can't have good things. Oh, and that *unnamed guy at the beginning of the story? He was actually called *Wisdom, but he choked on a ruby and died, and then his body shriveled up into dollar bills, so nobody ever found his body, which is why humans are still stupid to this very day. THE END.

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