Song of Solomon Chapter 3: Bible Study for Atheists

Song of Solomon Chapter 3: Bible Study for Atheists

Husband and Wife cover Song of Solomon chapter 3:

This chapter contains a female song about her search for her lover at night, followed by King Solomon's wedding procession. Altho honestly it reads more like a jilted lover tracking down the man-hoe who ghosted her after a night of wild reverie, and then her dragging him by the ear to her mama's house and forcing that fuckboi to marry her. Which tracks, because Solomon bedded and wedded a ton of babes. Dude was drowning in poonanny. We got to hear about his purple wood, his sword, his post, his [insert phallic symbol here]... and YUP this is still an erotic poem. Gross, dude! Keep your junk to yourself!

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