Ezekiel Chapters 11 - 15 Q&A: Bible Study by Atheists
Sacrilegious DiscourseMay 25, 202400:13:40

Ezekiel Chapters 11 - 15 Q&A: Bible Study by Atheists

Get ready for an irreverent romp through the enigmatic visions of Ezekiel! In this episode, we're dissecting the divine drama of Jerusalem's downfall with a hefty dose of skepticism and wit. Uncover the absurdity behind Ezekiel's cryptic messages as we tackle the befuddling allegories of Tupperware-like cities and holy haute cuisine. We're calling out the confusion over the exile headcount and setting the historical record straight—three's a crowd, folks! Join us for a no-holds-barred Q&A where we question everything, from pantomime prophecies to the practicality of performance art in ancient times. Spoiler alert: we're not buying what Ezekiel's selling. Subscribe, listen, and prepare to be entertained as we bring some much-needed logic to these Old Testament tall tales.

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