Isaiah Chapter 13: Bible Study for Atheists
Sacrilegious DiscourseNovember 08, 202300:14:53

Isaiah Chapter 13: Bible Study for Atheists

Husband and Wife cover Isaiah chapter 13:

The Proclamation Against Babylon. Isaiah gives this creepy speech about how the Babylonians are gonna get smashed and not in the good way. Babies will be murdered and women will be raped. It's all very exciting and I can't wait to get baptized. Just kidding. This book is gross and I'm so tired of trying to find new ways to say God is a dick. But honestly? There's no such thing as God, so what I really mean to say is that people are horrendous and Christians are the effing worst. But! Yay Ohio for codifying abortion rights into state law! And legal weed is on the comeup! Woohoo!

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