Isaiah Chapters 1 - 10 Q&A
Sacrilegious DiscourseNovember 06, 202300:21:26

Isaiah Chapters 1 - 10 Q&A

Isaiah Chapters 1 - 10 Q&A

Husband and Wife answer questions about tools, thrones, virgins, and Renfield. The story so far: God tells his people that if they don't worship him, he's gonna kill most of 'em. We're supposed to think the fact that he's not killing 100% of them is a kindness — a generous show of his beneficence. Apologists can't understand why we wouldn't be grateful. Therapists across the planet are screaming the words NARCISSIST and CONTROLLING and ABUSE OF POWER and VOLATILE RELATIONSHIP. Seriously, get help. Find your inner strength, learn to love yourself, and stand up to that weenie. Which, coincidentally, is the theme of Renfield, so, like, see it.

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