Isaiah Chapters 21 - 24 Q&A
Sacrilegious DiscourseNovember 27, 202300:48:45

Isaiah Chapters 21 - 24 Q&A

On today's ride, we're kicking the tires of prophecy with a pit stop in Isaiah. Buckle up as we run the gamut from Babylon to Edom and Arabia, deciphering predictions that were probably written after the fact but are impressively specific (if you squint just right). We even dust off Paul Revere's famous quote, because, hey, why not?

In our second act, we'll dive into Jerusalem's sins and some guy named Shebna. Spoiler alert: Shebna's ego was bigger than his belief in prophecies, and well, it didn't end well for him. But fear not, Eliakim's on the rise.

In our third act, we'll explore Isaiah's Oracle and the tragic tale of Tyre, a city brought low by unchecked pride. From thriving commercial hub to complete oblivion. Plus, a riveting Q&A session where we attempt to answer your burning questions.

Stay tuned for our next episode, where we delve into the mysteries of Isaiah chapter 25. So get comfortable, grab some popcorn, and join us on this whirlwind journey through prophecy, judgement, and a whole lot of ancient drama.

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