Jewish Folklore: Episode 19
Sacrilegious DiscourseSeptember 03, 202300:23:36

Jewish Folklore: Episode 19

Husband and Wife read from Part III: The Human Comedy β€”

Chapter 1: Droll Characters, from A Treasury of Jewish Folklore.

In this episode of the Sacrilegious Book Club, topics include Fools and Simpletons:

the joys of child-inspired foolishness; what makes a fool; love, philosophy, and noodles; the science of buttered bread; Phoebe and Joey from the show Friends; Rose of St. Olaf; The Wisdom of Chelm; pajamas and pretzels; AND Wife's inability to keep secrets.

Next time, we will cover some entries from Schlemihls & Schlimazls, AND Ignoramuses & Pretenders. We hope you'll get a copy of the book and read along with us.

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