Jewish Folklore: Episode 20
Sacrilegious DiscourseSeptember 18, 202300:17:46

Jewish Folklore: Episode 20

Husband and Wife read from Part III: The Human Comedy —

Chapter 1: Droll Characters, from A Treasury of Jewish Folklore.

In this episode of the Sacrilegious Book Club, topics include Schlemihls and Schlimazls:

Laverne and Shirley; Wayne's World; unlucky bunglers; shrews and henpecked husbands; rabbit stew; and hard cheese.

Next time, we will cover some entries from Rogues and Sinners. We hope you'll get a copy of the book and read along with us.

"Laverne and Shirley opening credits theme song"

"Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall on the 'Laverne and Shirley' theme song"from Foundation Interviews by the Television AcademyFoundation.

Laverne and Shirley spoof from Wayne's World.

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