Proverbs Chapter 31: Bible Study for Atheists
Sacrilegious DiscourseSeptember 12, 202300:18:17

Proverbs Chapter 31: Bible Study for Atheists

Husband and Wife cover Proverbs 31, thereby finishing up the book of Proverbs.

The Book of Proverbs is a collection of collections, the FIFTH of which (Proverbs 30–31) are referred to as appendices.

Proverbs 31: The words of Lemuel / Admonitions to a King, AND Praise of a Good (ideal) Woman and a description thereof. Lemuel's mommy actually offers some good advice with regard to being a good leader, which basically comes to this: Keep your head straight and don't get distracted by that party life. When it comes to the ideal woman... well, basically she should run the household 24/7 and never sleep. She's expected to do all the work, with the help of her slaves, and even tho the husband is supposed to bring in the main source of income, the Mrs. must engage in that side-hustle life, which is how we ended up with ridiculous try-hard MLMs like Avon makeup, Scentsy candles, Tupperware containers, Longaberger baskets, LuLaRoe leggings, Pampered Chef kitchenware, and Paparazzi jewelry. Husband wants to know why Wife hasn't purchased him a vineyard; Wife wants to know why she hasn't been given an allowance with which to do so.

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