Psalms Chapters 55 -  56: Bible Study for Atheists
Sacrilegious DiscourseJune 15, 202300:17:11

Psalms Chapters 55 - 56: Bible Study for Atheists

Husband and Wife cover Psalms 54 - 55

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Psalm 54: A Prayer for Protection from Enemies. Starts, "Save me, O God, by thy name." This super short psalm was written for one who finds oneself betrayed by a friend. It's steeped in paranoia.

Psalm 55: A Prayer for the Destruction of the Deceitful. Starts, "Give ear to my prayer, O God." In this psalm, the author grieves because he is surrounded by enemies. Suspicion, mistrust, and even fear are the hallmarks of a delusional mind, so my guy should seek therapy pronto. Not everyone is out to get you, despite what Fox News wants you to believe.

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