Isaiah Chapters 30 - 34 Q&A

Isaiah Chapters 30 - 34 Q&A

In this episode, we're throwing ourselves headfirst into the Biblical mosh pit, specifically Isaiah chapters 30-34. We're dissecting all the juicy stuff, from trust in the Lord to dubious alliances and a whole load of prophecy. We'll be untangling the confusing threads of Isaiah's role as a prophet and giving a rundown on the historical backdrop that frames these ancient texts.

We're also shining a light on the bone-chilling history of child sacrifice - a topic so macabre it makes "The Exorcist" look like a Saturday morning cartoon. We're talking the god Molech, graveyards of children, and the squeamishness around acknowledging this grim chapter in religious history. Grab your holy water, folks.

In a sudden switch-up, we're putting women in Christianity under the microscope. From a pastor's desperate defense of women in leadership to the Bible's glaring sexism, we're laying it all bare. Plus, we're questioning why so many are okay with the Bible's habit of giving women a raw deal.

Expect bird-related confusion, an intriguing cameo from demon seductress Lilith, and more prophecies than you can shake a holy stick at. It's an enlightening roller coaster that will make you question everything you thought you knew about the Bible. So buckle up, fellow heathens, it's going to be hell of a ride!

YouTube Clip: "The Birds Work for the Bourgeoisie"

Sacrilegious Discourse "Lilith" episode

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