Sacrilegious Discourse - Bible Study for Atheists
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As I enter my 30s, I’m going through the deconstruction process of being raised in a very Christian home and unlearn some of the painful indoctrination I endured. As a kid, I’ve read the Bible multiple times as part of church studies. I was taught that “the Word” was perfect and to question it was to question god’s perfect righteousness. I was taught that humans can’t even begin to understand gods will and it was a sin to try to make sense of it. Listening to Husband and Wife read and question and critic the Bible is so refreshing because it’s something that most of us (religious or former religious) were never allowed to do. The absurdity of this book is so apparent now that I’ve been working towards my personal healing. Thank you

Great podcast

Love Husband and Wife. I listen in the morning while I drink my coffee and they always make me laugh and find interesting facts.

I'm questioning my Faith

I just came across your podcast and it was so refreshing to listen to your non-Christian views on rhe Bible. I'm questioning my faith and I think I'm beginning to understand why people leave Christianity...