Genesis Chapters 14 - 15 Bible Study for Atheists

Genesis Chapters 14 - 15 Bible Study for Atheists

Join us as we revisit Abram's Biblical Stories. We'll explore the adventures of Abram, Lot, and their many helpers. We'll delve into their encounters with the enigmatic Melchizedek, Sodom's leader. We'll aim to comprehend complex alliances and triumphant battles. We'll discuss the recurring treasure debate (spoiler: Abram often gets the most).

God's promise to childless Abram is perplexing. He foresees a lineage as countless as the stars. But also predicts a difficult 400-year period. Hopeful yet troubling news, right?

Abram's ritual is peculiar. It involves animal sacrifices and vulture scare tactics. We assure you, we're not making this up.

Abram reserves a tenth of his war spoils. This move makes us question his dedication. He ensures to negotiate a good deal with Melchizedek. Just another day for our lead character.

Let's navigate through Abram's Biblical Stories. We're all on this journey together. We value your opinions and feedback. Even your disgruntled letters. So, strap in and prepare for a biblical-sized adventure. Let's keep the conversation going. We'll be scrutinizing an old book endorsing slavery, war, and a God with humor.

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