Ezekiel Chapters 31 - 35 Q&A: Bible Study by Atheists

Ezekiel Chapters 31 - 35 Q&A: Bible Study by Atheists

Ever wondered if ancient sarcasm could teach you about hell? Buckle up for our latest episode, "Ezekiel Chapter 31 - 35 Q&A," where we dive into the irony-laden downfall of Pharaoh and find modern-day parallels that might just make you question everything you thought you knew about eternal suffering.

Join us as we dissect Ezekiel’s visions, from the shared disgrace of once-powerful nations to the heated debate over whether David’s mention is literal, symbolic, or a prophetic nod to Jesus. We'll even challenge those Christian attitudes that use hell as a fear tactic, comparing them with core Christian teachings. And if you’re a geography nerd, our light-hearted exploration of Mount Seir's mysteries and its controversial modern-day location will be right up your alley.

Oh, and did we mention the hilarious Mount Everest banter? You won't want to miss our amusing take on the world’s tallest peak. Plus, get the scoop on our potential Patreon content and next week's deep dive into Ezekiel chapter 36.

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