Jewish Folklore Episode 29: Sacrilegious Book Club

Jewish Folklore Episode 29: Sacrilegious Book Club

Husband and Wife cover Tales and Legends: Part 4 of A Treasury of Jewish Folklore.

In this episode of the Sacrilegious Book Club, we're finishing up Chapter 3: The Ten Lost Tribes. 

Topics include the Jewish Falasha tribe of Abyssinia; Solomon's affair with the queen of Sheba; their sin Menilek, the king of Egypt; a fake copy of the Law of Moses; the Bene-Israel Jews of Bombay; racism; circumcision parties; Elijah the Prophet; the silliness of blindly following traditions; and killing cocks for the cock-cutters.

Next time, we will continue reading entries from Part 4: Tales and Legends | Chapter 4: Folk Tales. We hope you'll get a copy of the book and read along with us.

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